Saweetie Thought quavo would never leave

Has Quavo cheated on you?" asked the village girl. Saweetie continued the questions by replying "huh" while making faces, prompting Yung Miami to repeat himself. "I think the past is the past, I've been moving on since then," Saweetie replied.

Yung Miami quickly followed, asking Saweetie if her relationship with Quavo was "toxic." "I think we had a lot of growing pains together," she replied.

When Caresha tells Saweetie how much she loves them as a couple, the 'Best Friend' hitmaker agrees.

I think we'll be together for the rest of our lives." He continued, "With him, I know it's him. It's different."

Saweetie explained that she shares a "difference" with Quavo, and Miami encouraged her to share something special about him, before asking, "So, how did you feel when he took your car?"

Saweetie laughed as she told Miami, “Girl! I should go get myself a little Rolls [Royce]. I enjoyed my luxury experience,” he explained.

"I'll get one myself." Check out what Saweetie said to Quavo in the clip below and watch the full episode at the bottom of the page.