The Prosperity Warrior Review 2022 – Is it Legit?

The Prosperity Warrior Review 2022 – Is it Legit?

Hello, and welcome to this eye-opening prosperity warrior blueprint review. In this article, we will discuss whether or not the program is worth buying!

In my two years of making money online related course content for products like Affiliate Marketing Training + Bonuses by Matt McCoy (affiliates) which I know what works because that’s where most people make their living these days; so before writing any more, let me explain why myself am here today: 

Essentially everyone has probably heard some variation on “make $10k/month in six months flat!” Well, without hesitation, YES – IT’S POSSIBLE!!!! But perhaps you’re wondering “how?” And sure enough, many folks struggle to create an income stream until they stumble upon a straightforward fact:


You see, if you think about it… the only way to make money online is to practice what you know until you can do it effortlessly and make enough to support yourself! This does not mean that every single person who buys this program will be able to achieve this level of success – but it’s highly likely that if you take massive action and apply what you learn, then your outcome will be very different than if you don’t.


Prosperity warriors are another online scheme that claims you can make thousands of dollars just after joining them. When I heard about this program, my first thought was, “Wow! This sounds good!” but then reality hit me, and now it’s one big regret because there were so many problems with these types or MLMs as well (notably high exit rates).

You feel uncomfortable and want to leave, but the owner has something in store for you. He tells how single moms are suffering from their work-life balance, which he can help with his new program that will change your entire perspective on what success means – all while making money after getting exhausted at home or having 9-5 job stress take its toll over time!

From one person’s story of struggle comes hope as they find themselves through entrepreneurship; now it is everyone’s turn…


Who is the owner of this online scheme? The name of this online scheme is Marc. No one knows about him. He claims to be a seven-figure coach, but what does he really coach – high ticket affiliate marketing for $3000 at least! And if that’s not enough you have his products which will cost a minimum of 2k…WOW, That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?” I’ll tell why it’s fruity-ass crazy!”

So, in order to join this money-making scheme, you have to pay $3000 and an admin fee. The admins are not forthcoming with any information as it’s a hidden cost of 3%. I don’t know what this upfront expense is for but at least they’re upfront about their fees right? Wrong! Nowhere on the site do they say there will be extra costs associated with joining up – so when was that change made? Why didn’t anyone tell me before or after my purchase happened???

Platinum and Diamond are the two most expensive levels in affiliate marketing. Level 2 Platinum costs $7500, whereas diamond membership will cost you about 15k USD or more than a lakh of rupees- depending on which currency is being used for conversion rates between countries where it can be purchased from.

But what do these packages get your client? Well at level 3 Platinum members enjoy 70% commissions on every sale they bring to them while diamonds offer even higher margins with 80%. If this sounds like an attractive deal then check out our website today as we have new clients available all month long!

Last level is called “royal” and it will cost you $21887 to be accurate. Well, that’s ridiculous in my point of view! Other then this what they are teaching me back isn’t very useful–just promote them more so others can buy their products too…but who cares if we make money off these sales?

For this,my answer is that these kinds of schemes are known as pyramid schemes and they’re banned by the FTC. Another red flag is if you join under 48 hours from watching webinar then it’s going to get more money for your account! The core purpose here in most cases people do not do their research online before signing up so watch out–these scams will reel you’ In quick…


The money which you will get from this course is real


The owner of this pyramid scheme is not successful in life, so it’s a scam. The Federal Trade Commission has found that these kinds of companies often run into financial difficulties or get shut down by law enforcement agencies sooner than later, which means they will be banned soon enough anyway!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I read $3500 for this scheme, it made my temples pulse and palms grow sweaty. After thinking hard, though, maybe if they had priced at 50 bucks instead of triple digits, things might not have been so bad regarding investment returns?

I think we’ll have to go with the flow here because, frankly, all investments are risky – what matters most is how much money do I need right now before something happens like say, global warming melts down our economy again?!


Should you join this pyramid scheme or not? Well, I don’t know. It seems like a total scam and will most likely be banned by FTC sooner or later, so investing money into it doesn’t seem to be too bright either way you look at it. Why fall for these kinds of schemes when there are much better options out there And with all due respect: if making wealth online is your goal then I would highly recommend going for legit ways.