How to Grow Your Instagram & Followers – Perfect Guide (2021)

How to Grow Your Instagram & Followers – Perfect Guide (2021)

There are 3.5 billion active social media users and, with brands increasingly venturing to these platforms for their business decisions, it’s important that you use the right strategies on Instagram this year!

Despite having 1.9 billion and 2.4 million users respectively, Facebook has a competitor on its tail in the form of Instagram with just under one billion monthly active users to prove it can keep up with the big dog social media site’s growth rate that stands at an impressive 27%.

About Instagram

grow your instagram

Photo-sharing app Instagram, now boasting 500 million daily users and a near 100% engagement rate when it comes to video posts, is quickly becoming the number one social media platform.

With more than 53 minutes per day spent on average at the network that was once second only after Facebook’s 58 minute usage time by its billion-plus monthly active user base (not to mention 84 percent of these followers who engage with new products each day), this upstart service has grown into an undeniable force in just six years since launching as a standalone company co-founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

One reason for their success can be attributed – even if you don’t use them yourself – are those aforementioned Stories which have exploded from zero last year alone

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. On average, users spend 53 minutes a day on Instagram and 500 million people use it every single day. Users are more likely to engage with videos posted on the app than photos or text posts as more than 100 million images and video clips are shared each day! With 83% of its user base finding new products thanks to their time spent scrolling through pictures, this site may soon be one in three households worldwide using at least once per month – making it number 1 in terms of popularity.

here Are the Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram.

Ever since the launch of Instagram stories, we’ve been looking for a way to automate posting. Well, fret no more! Combin scheduler is here and it can be installed in minutes on your phone or computer. It allows you to schedule posts ahead of time so that all you have to do is post as soon as an event happens (or whenever else) with just one click from anywhere — even if it’s inconveniently timed like when I’m at work 🤦🏾‍♂️

1. Schedule Posts to Increase Your Instagram Followers.

You probably know that you can’t buy as many followers on Instagram as just simply posting and hoping for the best. But there are still a few tricks to increase your profile’s popularity with other users, which may lead them, in turn, to follow back or even consider following by themselves. For example, schedule posts at different times of day when people might be viewing their feed – like right before they go into work in the morning or during lunchtime break from school/work.

Combine schedular

One of my favorite strategies to schedule Instagram posts is through the free Combin Scheduler. This app allows you to create a template with text and photos for each day, which can then be scheduled in advance so that all your images are posted at once without having to do it manually throughout the week or month. It’s easy-to-control when these posts go live right from within one interface!

2.Focus on Quality over Quantity.

Think of your social media posts as a good meal. You wouldn’t want to eat an entire buffet in one sitting, instead, you would spread out the food over time with some snacks and desserts thrown into the mix for variety. The same goes for posting on Instagram – it’s best not to post more than once or twice per day so that people don’t feel overwhelmed by all of your content at once!

Social media is a way to keep in touch with people and share your life through pictures. But what if you don’t know how? The key is quality over quantity, meaning post less frequently but make sure each of those posts are high-quality.

Every social media influencer knows that Instagram has various analytics for understanding which posts resonated with their audience. From the most popular hashtags to those trending in your area, you can use this information and boost high-performing content by using ads with call-to-action directing followers back to your profile or website!

3.Use Instagram Stories.

In just a few short years, Instagram has grown from being known as “just” another social media app to the place where people share more than 500 million stories every day. And not only can you post your own story, but it will always be at the top of your feed without any prepayments or boosts!

Stories can be in the form of a picture, but for better engagement, we suggest you give it a more vivid look – go for videos. If you can’t film or edit videos then use tools available such as Renderforest which has a large library of Instagram Stories templates suitable to any industry.

One of the most engaging and popular features on social media is a user’s ability to pin stories from their profile. These are some reasons why you should use this feature: First, it makes your content look more visually appealing; second, visitors can play these highlights over again in order for them to enjoy what they missed before or share with other friends that haven’t seen yet; thirdly if you update your story often enough then people will be able to follow along as events unfold.

From the moment you post a story, that 24-hour countdown starts ticking. But before it runs out and your memories disappear into obscurity, there are other ways to tell our stories (both with words or pictures) so they can be saved for posterity on Facebook’s Highlights section of profiles – where visitors can come back again and again to relive those favorite moments from years ago.

We often don’t realize how much we enjoy recounting these old memories until we’re scrolling through an album full of photos in Facebook Photos when bored waiting at a dinner party; but maybe if I was posting more about my life lately? It seems like people get really excited when I share new updates instead of just lurking around looking at their lives unfold without comment.

4.Create your own hashtags.

What does the hashtag do?
Hashtags are a way to join and unite people who have similar interests. Different brands create their own hashtags, such as #JustDoIt or #ImLovinIt so that they can produce targeted content for large audiences with common interests. Hashtags are a great way to create a community of people who share common interests. The right hashtag can help you expose your image, video, or Instagram story to an audience that is targeted and large in size! #JustDoIt #

There’s a lot of pressure to be successful on social media. That feeling you get when scrolling through your feed and seeing everybody’s posts that seem more interesting, creative, funny – everything! But what if we took the idea of being “successful” off the table? What would it mean for us then? How could this change our experience online or in-person with others at networking events?

The secret is not just how many people follow you but also who those followers are. When someone new joins their first Twitter account they might start following celebrities like Katy Perry because she has millions of followers; however, after some time learning about managing their account they’ll realize there are so many other types of accounts to follow: comic artists,

5.Socialize and comment on other accounts.

Liking tons of pictures that are related to your profile topic, for example, if you have a healthy lifestyle look for people to talk about it. Share your thoughts with the world and leave others feeling appreciated! Leave a comment under other posts to tell them they are doing great, or share your own opinion on this topic. Make sure not to forget about your last comments too – keep up that conversation in DMs 😉

You can also leave your comments on other posts, let them know that they are doing great, or share your own opinion. Also, make sure to comment at the bottom of this post and check out our DM inbox!

Leave a reply under any new post you see for some uplifting feedback from others in the community or express yourself by commenting here with whatever is on your mind. You should also take time to read through what people have left already before making a response so we don’t get too repetitive about one topic- there’s plenty of discussion going around!

Followers will be able to chat with you on your profile if they have notifications turned on and this is two-way communication. Notifications are a great way to stay in touch with followers. Keep the notifications on so you never miss when someone is talking about your posts!

6.Give people a reason to follow you.

People follow you because they see value in your content.
The main reason why people will subscribe to a particular brand, influencer, or blogger is that it has found its way into their lives and been relevant enough for them to pursue. People are usually attracted visually by the aesthetic feel of an account but also gravitate towards accounts that contain specific information about something related such as recipes on food blogs or motivational posts when following someone who deals with self-help topics like fitness routines!

take an example of explaining to your clients about losing weight

It isn’t easy to change your lifestyle in order to lose weight, but it is worth the hard work. I was once heavy like you and decided that enough was enough when my doctor said there would be a risk of heart attack if I didn’t take action soon. Now, not only am I healthier because of what’s happened as a result of losing weight – so are my kids!

It can seem daunting at first: trying new foods or changing up old habits; telling friends about your goals for fear they’ll judge you too harshly… But eventually, all those challenges fade away into something special which will last forever with an active healthy lifestyle. When people ask me how long this transformation took, honestly most days seemed endless–but looking back now I can see how far I’ve come. Do you know that feeling after an intense workout? That’s what it feels like to go from fat to fit!

7.Have a unique grid.

When it comes to presenting a brand, customers recognize the product by its logo first or the color choice. Coca-Cola is iconic for its bright red bottle and instantly recognizable label with white text on an all-black background. This very simple visual cue has branded them as one of America’s most popular soft drink companies. A logo is the backbone of any successful business. If you have a recognizable and unique color scheme, it will make your brand more memorable in people’s minds. The Coca-Cola Company has revolutionized soft drinks by associating their red label with happiness and good times!

The world of aesthetics is one that has never been more interesting. Clothes, art styles, and even color palettes are all part of the evolving culture we live in now. One place you can start experimenting with modern colors to see what works for your brand or personal style? Your Instagram feed!

Planoly can be a great tool to use in order to get the perfect Instagram picture. Plan out your pictures beforehand and then you won’t have any problems with color consistency or symmetry that might crop up later on down the line when it’s too late for changes.

You can start telling your story with the flow of organized photo posting. Your followers will stay within your community platform, awaiting more posts to come.

8.Geotag your pictures.

Geotag your pictures.
Users are able to visit places they have never been before, thanks to geotagging photos of the location! When you’re visiting a place that is super amazing—make sure to geotag it. People who follow Instagram may notice your photo and want more information about what’s being shown in the post; these followers could potentially become long-time fans of yours because there’s something in common between them too–you both love this awesome restaurant or city for example!

When you are visiting places that will amaze your followers – be sure to geotag them. You never know who might see the picture and follow suit!

You can even build content around your location so passersby will use it too! If you see people are following what’s happening in the area, then start talking to them. Comment on their posts and like pictures they’ve taken while there. They’ll be sure to follow back if they notice that you’re using a geotag of theirs – who knows? You might make new friends this way!

Creating your own geotag can not only help you connect with others who live in the area, but also build a following and make yourself more visible to potential new followers. Think of it as an online business card – people will take notice when they see that someone is from their neck of the woods! Start by socializing at first: comment on other pictures or like them; follow those Instagrammers back so you have some familiarity before inviting strangers into your world.

9.Work with Instagram influencers.

You could find a mutual connection with other famous, popular bloggers and influencers so you can work your way up the ranks of social media. You’ll be able to share followers without having any overlap in content or audience members which will allow for more exposure on both accounts!

Influencers who focus on beauty and style are valuable resources for car repair centers. You have to be persistent when it comes to reaching out because they’re not always open, but if you make your interest known by emailing their marketing team then brands might come knocking at the door.

The only thing worse than having to buy a promoted post is not being able to afford one. For you, there’s no need for despair! With just a little money and some creativity on social media, your posts will be seen by more people in less time than ever before

  • A few simple steps can help make sure that all of your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed with the blink of an eye:

1) Spend Some Money On Your Profile Boost To Widen Your Social Reach And Let Others Know You Exist – One good way to do this? Buy Promoted Posts After All Without The Extra Cash It Would Take Just To Get Started Picking Up More Followers Wouldn’t Be Possible Either. 

2) Tap Into Your Unique Selling Points And Potential For Growing Your Business Through Instagram – You’re in business for yourself—it’s time to start thinking about your social media presence as a vital part of the promotion.

Don’t be afraid that those with more followers are more popular and therefore won’t pay attention to you – what this fear really means is that you worry they won’t take you seriously. But there’s a simple way to make sure that doesn’t happen: 

3) Similarly, Be Sure To Make Create Unique Content That People Will Actually Like (This Is Key) – Try using relevant hashtags and tagging people who have more followers than you but who aren’t celebrities – this will not only help you gain more exposure but it will also keep your content on the feed longer

10.Make the most of your Instagram bio.

Your Instagram bio is the first thing many people will see when they visit your account, so make sure it’s catchy enough to draw their attention. Use keywords relevant to what you do and list out exactly what services or products you offer in addition to your username.

Your Instagram handle is only the first interaction that many people will have with your brand. If you want to make sure they stay interested, it’s important to invest in a quality bio as well! Include keywords relevant to your industry and be clear about what exactly that business does so visitors know without having further interactions beforehand.

The best way to make your Instagram bio link stand out is by using a tool like LinkGallery. This new product from the popular URL shortener, Rebrandly will send visitors to multiple destinations with just one click of their mouse!

With a click of the “add to bio” button, you can include your links in one sleek and streamlined profile. With just this small link at the bottom of your bio page, any prospective customer will have easy access to all that’s new on social media or updates from favorite brands they follow. And with built-in analytics features for following clicks and shares across different platforms? This is an indispensable tool for boosting conversions by prioritizing what people want most: where their next purchase should be made!

These are the awesome ways to grow your instagram


If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following this year, there are a variety of tactics that will help. Consider the layout and overall look of your profile page; make sure you post regularly so followers know they can count on new content from time to time, and put some thought into what kind of value people could find in the content that you share with them. For more targeted reach be sure to use hashtags or geotagging if appropriate for where the majority of users live who might not otherwise see it without those tags – then sit back as likes pour in!

Make sure people can easily find you and view your main interests. Connect with other influencers to grow as an individual on Instagram. Whether it’s through shoutouts, promos, or giveaways, work with others who share the same passions as yourself!