How to Get Virtual Assistant Clients?.5 best ways.

How to Get Virtual Assistant Clients?.5 best ways.

If you’re reading this today, I’m pretty sure I already know one lesson you’ve probably learned the hard way – 9 to 5 jobs aren’t for everyone (and that’s okay). Thankfully, however, with more companies choosing to operate remotely and work online becoming a very viable alternative of sorts- it seems like no matter who we are or what our dream job is there really can be happiness at 8:30 am on Monday morning after all! And yes working from home does come with its own set of challenges but don’t worry as these virtual employees will tell ya’ there is plenty community out here too 😊

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That beautiful thing called freedom

Hey guys! A quick question, how do you handle finding clients? Any suggestions on what platform to find them on and how often should one be sending out messages? Just really trying to get my business going after being in the trenches of a full-time job for so long. Reply Reply Delete

Hi, I can help you with any type of writing. I have been in this business for almost 2 years now and I was able to quit my full-time job by working online as a writer on several projects and companies (I write articles, press releases, SEO content).

Things you need to understand before applying for virtual assistant

how to get virtual assistant clients

As a Virtual Assistant, you’ll get to be your own boss! Setting the prices for what services you offer and dictating when exactly those are done. In return though? You have no one but yourself to blame if things start taking longer than expected – or worse: going completely wrong. So before starting on applying for jobs here are some things it’ll good to know beforehand:

1. First and foremost: be clear on what type of persona you want your clients t2o see – as this will set the tone for the entire relationship between ‘you and them’.

2. Be honest about what level of service you are able to provide (and don’t lie!). This one can often lead to trouble – especially if you’re not used to working from home yet and the service you offer is time-sensitive.

3. Consider getting a few clients before you dive in head first – as it will allow you to evaluate how well your business model works for you. If this doesn’t sit with ya’ don’t worry all the same as we gotcha’ covered in the next section!

4. Know your worth and protect it. As a Virtual Assistant, you are your business! This means that if its not worth it to you to work with certain clients – then don’t do it (even if they seem willing to pay more).

Now that those 4 things are pretty much out of the way, let’s get into some strategies on what to do next!

There are numerous Virtual Assistants on the job market. If you want to stand out, commit from early what services you plan on offering and position yourself as an expert at it. While it’s great that there is a wide variety of skills for potential assistants to offer clients would much prefer someone who has mastered one or two things rather than being “okay” with most things 

The world in which Virtual Assistants exist is vast; every industry imaginable can be assisted by virtual assistance professionals. To not get lost within this array of talent already available, take time now to think about your future career objectives so you may identify where your skillsets lie and then give those specific areas all-star service!

How to find virtual assistant clients

Getting your first client as an online worker can be a little overwhelming. Whether you are applying for writing jobs, transcription jobs or even administrative assistant work some common things you’ll always want to consider before contacting any potential clients:

Does the job pay well? I can’t tell you how many times people would send me a message via my LinkedIn profile and then I would get back to them with “How much are you offering for this job?” – the answer always being: not enough. And there is nothing more frustrating than having someone jump on your time without respect for it (yes, that means if your rate is $4 per hour you should probably consider putting an ad out at $5 – as this translates into more work).

Does the website offer testimonials or references of past/current clients? While working on projects in school we were told time and again by our professors: never eat at a restaurant without reviews! But what does this have to do with finding virtual assistant work? Well as in school it really comes back to trust – if you see someone offer a service but has like zero references or reviews of past clients on their website – how can you know that they are legit?

When looking for new clients online it’s important to do your research first! Do not just go around sending out work offers willy-nilly. First check out (and follow) people who can provide valuable insight into the kind of professional you want to be: famous VAs, helpful VAs, or even business owners themselves. It’ll give you an idea of what others are paying and general expectations in terms of quality.

On platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork this isn’t possible – so keep this in mind and make sure your bid is competitive! (About to dive into those sites? Check out our Free Guide on How to sell yourself the right way to level up your VA career )

The services I offer as a Virtual Assistant are focused on proofreading, editing, transcription/translating, and administrative assistance. While you don’t technically have to be an expert in all of these there is one rule when it comes to offers: specific beats general. This means that if someone finds a job posting online for “virtual assistant” they can expect to get more or less everything – whereas with something like “social media marketing assistant” you are able to narrow down what kind of interaction you’ll have with this client based on what their needs are.

No matter what you choose just make sure to think about the bigger picture and don’t panic if they offer to pay you $2 less than anticipated – it happens, it’s not a big deal.

Tips To Getting Your First Virtual Assistant Client

1.Beta Test Your Services

Virtual Assistants are always looking for ways to boost their credibility and get clients. Here’s one way: Beta testing your services. You may be new in the market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some street cred! What if nobody knows about your business or has any recommendations on which VAs they should hire? To help with this issue I suggest beta-testing while finding a few customers who will then refer you out to more people interested in hiring Virtual Assistants like yourself. For example, I had an open offer for clients to send me any emails they needed to be edited. I didn’t even charge them a dime and in return, all I asked was that they send me feedback about my edits (did their email sound more professional? what worked best?) This way you’re not only getting your foot in the door with potential clients but also gathering real-time feedback on how you can improve as a VA.

2.Network On and Offline

Networking is one of the most important aspects of any business, but it’s even more so when you’re a virtual assistant. When everyone that crosses your path could be considered a prospective client or referral source, never pass up on an opportunity to network with people and introduce yourself. Whether online or offline make sure to always share what you do as networking opportunities are abundant everywhere we go!

Always be on guard for networking opportunities with people you know. You never know who might need your help in the future! – Networking is sharing what you do and meeting others that can potentially share referrals to clients or information about businesses looking for services in your skillset.

– Get involved with social media platforms where other Virtual Assistants are active at so it’ll be easy to talk shop with other VA’s. I personally use sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook.

– Find out if any local organizations or clubs would be interested in having a speaker from your area come and speak about their experiences as a Virtual Assistant. There’s no better way to build credibility than being able to speak live.

3.Tap Into Your Past And Current Network

Tap into your past and current network when launching your business. This is a great way to ensure that you’ve tapped all of the resources available to you in order for success as quickly as possible. For example, it’s more likely than not that one of these networks will be able to provide a Virtual Assistant Client before long – even if they’re friends-of-friends!

4.Connect With Other VAs

Connect with other Virtual Assistants! If you want to succeed in the industry – and have a good time doing it – your best bet is to make friends with veterans. They know tips, tricks for success that even the most tenured VA will be happy to share. Plus if they like hanging out with you, they might send new clients or connections your way too!

if you really want to succeed your best bet is to make friends and colleagues of the industry’s veterans. The same idea applies in the world of Virtual Assistants. Hanging out with like-minded people that can share their experiences and guide you through certain challenges is a definite benefit as they will often show you how to grow your VA business or even send some new clients your way!

5.Pitch To Your Ideal Client

Sometimes it can be hard to say no when you’re just starting out, and all that matters is getting your foot in the door. But keep this question in mind: if given a choice between working with someone who knows what they want or wants what you know, which would you choose?

The answer may surprise some people; because oftentimes entrepreneurs have an idea of their ideal client before they start looking for one! If we already had our dream jobs lined up wouldn’t we pick them every time rather than taking whatever open position happened to cross our desk? The truth about finding clients starts by knowing exactly who will fit best into your business plan.

This is how to get virtual assistant clients…

How much do Virtual Assistants make?

Ultimately how much virtual assistants make will vary based on location, skillset, market value, and more! I mean there is no other answer than “it depends.” And this really means it does depend on your own business model as well. However, in terms of averages, most VAs tend to fall into 4 categories:

Entry-level/Experienced (less than 5 years being a VA)

Middle ($500-2500 per week range)

high ($2500+ per week)

super high (we are talking 6 figures or more).

Those working in the first category may just be getting started while those at the other end of the spectrum may be able to live off of their VA income alone. How do you know where you fall through? Well, we’d suggest taking a look at your past employment history: were you earning $40,000+ per year? If so then it probably makes sense to go after clients who will offer a similar range – if not then consider yourself as an entry-level VA and see what kind of work you can get!

Final Thoughts On How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients?

The last time I checked, there were over 23 million people in the United States that have a full-time job and are also looking for some side work. Many of these individuals would be more than happy to do the odd task or two for extra money if you can show them how they could make it worth their while with your services. So what does this mean? It means that as long as you know where to look (and how) when marketing yourself online, finding clients will not be difficult at all. Which one of these locks did you like most? Let us know in the comments below!