Cloudways Review: Best Web Hosting Services in 2021

Cloudways Review: Their Web Hosting Services in 2021

cloudways review

Every WordPress blogs rely on great web hosting, but there are hundreds of companies out there with their own services and offerings. However, many people don’t know that most shared hosts aren’t serious enough for the needs of a blog seeking success.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL or MariaDB database engine It has now become one of the world’s most popular blogging platforms because it allows users to publish online very easily without knowledge in HTML programming A simple Google search reveals hundreds different providers who offer solutions for blogger’s need However be warned: not all these so called “free” sharing providers provide adequate space bandwidth connections speed etc needed by bloggers looking to maximize traffic. also wordpress hosting may not the best hosting provider but it can manage services better.

Expert Adam Berry has revealed the 3 key components to hosting that make a business successful: speed, security and support. Speaking at an event in Sydney, he said “people are time-poor these days – we need access from our devices on demand.”

These factors have been found to be essential for any company looking to provide services with reliability from anywhere in the world.

I’m sure that you are well aware of the many benefits to starting your own blog. However, if it has been a while since you have checked out what is available online, I suggest checking out Cloudways! It offers some great features like WordPress–friendly hosting services and 24/7 support.

I decided to try one of the most prominent managed hosting services out there -Cloudways- because they offer 3 S’s:

(1) cloudways hosting provide fast servers with password protection. easy to scale your server.

(2) Their hosting service includes simple but powerful management console which makes managing server resources multiple sites easy for beginners; and finally

(3), their customer service can be reached anytime by phone or chat via Skype and also via live chat.

on Cloudways

Cloudways is the best cloud hosting provider or you can say managed hosting platform where you can choose from five different cloud infrastructure providers: DigitalOcean, AWS EC2, Linode, VULTR and Google Cloud Platform. They also offer three flavors of WordPress which will suit any customer’s needs – vanilla (simple), WooCommerce (ecommerce) or with Breeze Theme Framework.

Whether you’re a blogging pro or just starting out, Cloudways is the hosting provider of your choice. Why? The answer lies in their intuitive features and seamless user experience: automatically scalable cloud servers, one-click staging environments for local testing on any device with no coding needed, SSH & SFTP access to each server via terminal/ command prompt, more than 100 global datacenters across six continents for targeted scalability depending on location etc.. and also you can go for dedicated server and don’t have to go for shared hosting.

I was skeptical about Cloudways and wanted to see if it could really be a viable solution for my business. I followed the steps below, using an account with 48 hours of free hosting:

Filling out a form – All you need is your company name, email address (which will also serve as login information), website URL and server location in order to get started. Once you’re signed up they’ll send an activation link via email which allows access into your cloud web host panel where managing multiple sites becomes easy!

Server – Launch – Select Your Application – WordPress:

Name your Managed App – Select your desired Infrastructure:

Select your desired Server Size and Location (Nearest to your Target Audience):

Migrating your blog to the Cloudways platform is as easy as installing their WordPress plugin and activating it.

Migrating your website doesn’t have to be hard. After you click on “migrate,” it should take a few hours (depending on the size of files and database) for everything to land without any problems!

-Site Speed

Free WordPress Cache Plugin – Breeze

Breeze is a cache plugin that was designed to make your WordPress website faster. It does this by speeding up the way it loads pages and hosting files, as well as saving you from trying out multiple plugins with different features!

vBreeze allows you to take advantage of Varnish cache and all the other perks it has with just a few simple clicks. Breeze also includes File Exclusion, Minification (to help minify your HTML and CSS files) and gzip Compression which can increase page load speeds by up to 50%.


CloudwaysCDN is a new way to send and download files on the internet. The company has developed their own CDN that provides fast downloads of your content, regardless where you are in the world or how many people may be trying to access it simultaneously.

CloudwaysCDN offers lightning-fast speed guarantees with 100% uptime for all uploaded information no matter what time zone users live in!

You can use a Content Delivery Network to improve the load time of your website by reducing server loads. CDNs are located around the world, so they help reduce latency when delivering content.

With just a single click your WordPress site(s) can be protected from spikes in traffic with the help of an easy to use CDN. The load time will improve as well, and you’ll get all these benefits without having any technical expertise!

You’re probably looking for ways to make your website work better – that’s why we offer one-click deployment for our CDN on every hosting plan. With it running on both sites hosted by us, and also those not hosted by us (with full support), users are able to enjoy faster loading times while content is distributed across nodes around the globe instead of being concentrated at a physical location where it might fail during peak periods due to high demand or other issues like bandwidth limits.

Global Data Centers

Cloudways provides more than 50 server locations around the globe, giving you superior flexibility to reach your target audience. Targeting different audiences in order to maximize viewership is an essential strategy for successful blog content marketing.

The best data center for your website is located in the same city as you. This guarantees low latency and a great UX across all devices, while improving conversion rates! If you’ve ever experienced a laggy gaming session, then this benefit is right up your alley. You can cut down on latency and enjoy higher speeds!

Built-in Caching Technology

Cloudways servers come equipped with a cache system that can be enabled/disabled in one click. This will make your site faster, since the server is able to store and retrieve data from memory instead of transferring it back and forth over slower connections.

Staging URLs

“Staging URLs” can help you avoid a major disaster.

Testing plugin and theme compatibility is difficult because many users try to do it at the live site- this has led websites crashing and becoming unavailable before. “Cloudways offers Staging URLS where you can safely test new plugins without anything happening to your live site.”

Once you’re satisfied that everything is working as it should and there are no plugin conflicts, you can “Push” the staging version to live without breaking anything.


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is a way for Cloudways to protect all of their customers. With this included on every account, the security and safety are better ensured than ever before!

Two-Factor Authentication is like adding a lock to your front door. You know the saying: “You can’t get in without the key!” In this case, that means not getting into your account at all!

Two Factor authentication (also known as 2FA) essentially adds an extra layer of security for accounts and data. It’s one of the most powerful ways you go about protecting any type of information online since it prevents someone from logging on completely unless they have both something you know – such as a PIN or password – AND also possess some form proof which usually takes shape in physical tokens delivered by email with each request for login credentials

You have the peace of mind that you won’t lose your account to hackers because they would need more than just one password. Additionally, this form of login is accessible and prevents ID theft for those who are uncomfortable with revealing much personal information online or at a storefront location.

Dedicated Firewalls (Server Security)

Cloudways deploys dedicated firewalls to continuously scan all traffic coming your way. In the event that there is anything amiss, these firewall packets filter out malicious attacks and raise an alarm for you to take action in minutes. Cloudways’ security features are always on the lookout, and they’ll get your site up-and-running again in no time if you do happen to have a breach.

Free SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt

With an SSL certificate, you can protect your blog from unwanted intrusions. This is why it’s important to get the FREE and trusted Let’s Encrypt certification for web browsers as soon as possible! Get free SSL certificate in cloudways hosting plan.

Cloudways provides an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt as a free add-on to help make your WordPress website more secure by adding another layer of security. You can deploy the SSL with just one click, making it super easy and quick for you!

-Team Management

Rather than managing your team from afar, Cloudways lets you add teammates and distribute workloads for better results.

Working in tandem with a team can be more productive because you’re able to distribute your workload and work on projects quicker. You don’t have to add any extra members or go through the hassle of collaboration software; just log into Cloudways, click “Add Users,” select all necessary users from your company’s workspace list and then assign them as collaborators for each project you need help completing!

Working together within a team is an excellent way of getting tasks done faster–and it also allows teams that are spread across different locations (or even countries) to easily collaborate, no matter how many people there are. If one person falls behind at their job while another catches up, they’ll still be working toward the same goal without feeling overworked.

A team is an important part of any organization. They can be used to create a supportive and collaborative environment that will ultimately improve the quality of your work life experience. This is why it’s so crucial for you, as the leader or manager, to make sure they are set up in just such a way! With Team option from Sugar CRM under “Team” on the left menu bar there are many options available including adding new roles or teams within one account- like setting up different departments with their own goals and objectives, assigning specific tasks (like leads) while keeping records off all accomplishments neatly organized by individual member without getting lost among other info!


Cloudways gives its customers the ability to make complete backups of their servers, without having to leave the Cloudways account.

It doesn’t matter how diligent we may be if things go awry: sometimes the worst happens anyway with absolutely nothing anyone has control over but those things happen less often thanks to being able to create automated backups every 1-7 hours or as designated by you.

Have you ever been frustrated with an update or new application that has introduced a bug? With ON-DEMAND backup, the option to restore is always available.

Taking backups is a simple and easy process, but don’t neglect it! As long as you have an external hard drive or other storage medium handy, backing up your data will be the best decision you can make. To get to Backups from Server Management click on Backup Tab in the navigation pane.

We use Amazon S3 servers to store our backups, which are separate from your live site. You can also take a backup locally if you want!

Customer Support

24/7 Customer Service

Cloudways provides 24/7 customer service to their customers. They offer support through knowledge base, CloudwaysBot, Live Chat and more ways of communication in order to fulfill the 3Ss (Selection, Support and Satisfaction) with a great hosting service!

Search & Find Solutions

You can find quick solutions to common problems with a simple search. Just type your problem and the Search & Find Solution feature automatically loads answered queries in an easy-to-understand, systematic way.


With CloudwaysBot, you can finally say goodbye to your endless server management woes. This nifty AI assistant is programmed with a wealth of general knowledge on the various cloud hosting providers and services available so that it may take care of all aspects related to managing servers for you – from suggesting improvements and new features through monitoring your stats in real time. The best part? It’s 100% free!

Tickets and Emails

The support team was always very quick to help me if I had any issues, even when I would email them because the phone line wasn’t working.

Cloudways Support is always there to help you with any technical difficulties that arise on our platform. Whether it’s a confusing feature, unfamiliar terminology or an issue not covered in the Knowledge Base – we’re here for your every need!


Cloudways has a lot of features that are great for bloggers, but I found their customer support and knowledge base to be the best. Cloudways offers a performance-driven and secure hosting solution for all WordPress sites, not just blogs. Performance was impressive on the majority of my tests and in some cases exceeded expectations! start with cloudways free trial get idea about control panel,web hosting and cloud server.

Though some of the features are too detailed and not needed for a blogger, help from their support staff and knowledgebase really helped me get to know them. I had plenty of opportunities to test out what they could do with this powerful blogging platform–and it was great!

So this was all about cloudways review-


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