Best Customer Data Platforms of 2021

What is customer data platform?

customer data platform

With the rise of smartphones, social media and other data sources all around us it is becoming more difficult for marketers to find new ways in which they can connect with customers. Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are a great way through which companies can keep up with this rapidly changing world by providing them an essential tool-set that enables marketing professionals understand their customer base better than before. CDP’s best practices guide will teach you how to manage your large amounts of conversion related information as well as provide advice on what types of variables should be considered when setting goals and objectives pertaining to CRM strategies going forward into the future!

Customers are reshaping the nature of marketing, and it’s up to you as a marketer to keep up with them. Customer data platforms gather customer information from social media sites and give marketers better insight into what makes your customers tick so that they can target their messages accordingly for the best results. You can also use an online appointment scheduling software for better results.


Customer Data Platform (CDP) is software that collects and consolidates data retrieved from multiple sources. Digital sources are any digital system with records of customer activity like emails, social media posts, or login sessions for just to name a few examples.

A CDP is a place where you can get all of your customers’ information. It has data from different channels, like offline and online. You can use this to find out things about your customers. A customer data platform is a way to capture data from lots of sources. This could be data from websites, like emails and whitepapers. It can also be from mobile applications and social media.

This is the information that data provides and it helps companies make better decisions. This makes mistakes less likely and helps you make more money.

The Best Customer Data Platforms? 

1. Oracle CX Marketing.

Oracle CX Marketing is a customer data platform that combines the power of cloud-based analytics to provide you with an all-inclusive view for delivering personalized experiences.

With these data-integrated solutions, you can use A/B testing to increase customer engagement and launch cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation software is the key to eliminating inefficiency and improving customer service. This application connects information across your marketing, sales, logistics management system (MSLS), CRM systems as well as other applications like email platforms for personalized interactions with customers via email,mobile,web,social media.

You will get real-time insights into the marketing. It will also be automated and able to engage, convert and nurture customer relationships.

Oracle CX Marketing provides solutions for B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing. For example, they might help you with your social media marketing. This means you get to use tools like Eloqua Marketing Automation, DataFox Data Management, and Content Management.

And there are tools for B2C marketing. There is something called the Responsys Campaign Management, BlueKai Data Management Platform, CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, Audience Segmentation.

the key features of Oracle CX marketing

  • The ability to create and test content.
  • Omnichannel delivery means that you communicate the right message at the right time.
  • Look at your customers and find out what they are like. Then you can find out what might make them want to buy your product.
  • Marketing campaigns that are created by collecting data from all channels.
  • Automated campaigns that change based on real-time.
  • Built-in AI features to capture real-time customer behavior.
  • Lead nurturing, scoring, and grading.
  • Data quality management.
  • easy Automated sales alerts.
  • site Reporting & Analytics.
  • Website visitor tracking is used to see who visited your site. You can use this to see how much revenue you got from the people who visit your site.

This tool helps you make your sale faster. It helps you understand customers, and it also gives them information about the product. It can give you content that is video or text for different ways to show people.

Pricing: Get in touch with the vendor. They can help you make a plan for purchasing. You can also ask to see a demo before buying it.

2. Segment.

Segment is a software that collects, cleans, and controls customers’ data. It uses one computer to collect all customer data across different departments like analytics, customer service, and sales.

This tool helps you know what customers like. The tool lets you see all the touchpoints, too. You can also personalize your emails with recommendations based on customer behavior.

Segment’s key features include:

  • Data integration and audience management are important.
  • Do messages in many different ways. Send messages in email, on social media and inside the product.
  • It automatically loads data into warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery.
  • It’s easier to track people if you combine information from all the places they go.
  • When we collect data, it should be error-free. So we use a standard way to collect data.
  • You can send a message on many different channels: through email, on social media, and in-product.
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • The creation of customer profiles by combining all the information we have from customers.

Segment offers three things for people. They are Connections, Protocols, and Persona.

Connections: Segment collects data from all customer touchpoints and then forwards it to over 300 destinations, such as analytics, warehouses, advertising or sales. You can do many things with this data. You can use built-in tools to manage and govern it. It also helps you fix problems in data delivery.

Protocol: This is a tool that helps you keep data and make sure it stays the same. It makes it easier to collect data from different places. You can also use it to see how the data changes over time, like if someone’s address changes or not. This app helps you find errors. For example, it finds errors in the data that is not good. It works by finding and fixing errors at the place where they are happening.

Persona: Persona pulls data from many different points and builds a profile of who you are. It looks at all the things you do to figure out how you are like other people.

Many tools are available to help keep track of a customer’s information. These tools also help to create real-time marketing campaigns. The user interface makes it easy for the customer and the company to communicate with each other. This means that you will be able to have more personalized recommendations and build stronger relationships.

This software can use many different tools to help your marketing strategy. It can work with other databases and analytics tools, as well as A/B testing.


  • Free – $0 per month
  • Team – $120 per month
  • Business – Custom pricing

With the unified customer profiles, data privacy and controls, visualization tools available with each plan you can be sure to find one that offers exactly what your company needs. Sign up for a free product demo today!

3. Emarsys.

Emarsys is a one-stop solution for any business that wants to stay connected with their customers. The company helps businesses streamline data across all platforms, like ecommerce and travel sites. Emarsys can also be used by retail or other companies looking to enhance customer engagement on social media channels as well.

The customer data platform is the perfect solution for when your company needs to connect with customers across a variety of channels. With one interface, you can streamline campaign management and personalization through analytics dashboards as well!

With the help of pre-designed use cases, you can easily choose what is best for your business. These are based on specific industry objectives and analytics which will be perfect for all types of businesses!

the data platform simple steps:

Strategy – You can choose a way to do it. Like, you can choose the Purchase Frequency, Average Order Value, Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value.

Use Case -This means that it tells you how to make a plan.

Activate –  To activate use cases, you need to add personalized content and workflows for each channel.

This software helps you manage your business and it does this with features like AI-driven content, what channels to use, and AI-based updates. This app will give you updates and make it so you can work for your business. You can do this by using the AI-based features like segmentation, choosing what content to show and which channels to use.

Emarsys helps you create personalized offers to your customers. With these offers, you can see the marketing channels of email, web, social media and more in one dashboard.

Some of its key features 

  • It can predict what kinds of offers will work for people in your market.
  • Personalize offers to customers on their birthdays and anniversaries.
  • This helps you to integrate all of the third-party tools and makes it easier for you to execute across channels.
  • It is possible to see who is interested in the products by accessing web browsing data.
  • AI-optimized delivery schedules.
  • Real-time business analytics.
  • A/B testing and AI-led optimization.

After you buy a product, people leave reviews. You can use these to see how people liked the product. Then you can advertise more about it to get more people to buy the product again. Emarsys is a company that helps you make money. They have a Customer Engagement Platform that will help you get information. This information can be useful for your business.

Pricing: Emarsys has three plans: Essential, Advanced, and MAX AI. Contact the vendor for more details.

4. Tealium AudienceStream CDP.

Tealium AudienceStream helps you get all the data from many different places into one place. You can use the data to find out which customers are worth lots of money and who are not, and what people like in your business.

You can gather information from many places. You might find some on the web, your mobile phone or other apps, your IoT devices, servers, kiosks or offline. It’s helpful to get a complete picture of who you are dealing with because it helps you make decisions.

The CDP Tool helps you track your customer’s activities on your website and better understand the customer. Integration with email, online advertising, automated marketing, and CRM tools are also important

Tealium AudienceStream’s key features:

  • ML-based insights are helpful and can predict the future.
  • You should tell people that you are using badges to identify their behavior.
  • Consent Management and Regulatory Compliance is a way to avoid legal risks.
  • Increase customer interaction and learn about them with the Audience feature. The Audience feature can help you understand your customers. It tells you how they behave.
  • Receive signals that tell you how your customer is feeling and what to do next. For example, if they are at the store but not buying anything, send a coupon in a text message.
  • AudienceStream data connectors let you use the internet to find other websites, like Criteo, Facebook, and Amazon Web services.

Tealium’s AudienceStream helps you find people with a lot of money. You can use the information to make your ads more effective. Tealium AudienceStream’s ML-based analytics can help you identify your potential customers with high value. You can manage the effectiveness of your campaign by focusing on segments of your audience that have high value and discarding segments that are not valuable.

The Action Frequency Capping and Prioritization feature helps you to prevent specific actions from happening. You can set delays for these actions. The important ones are the ones that customers want to do, so make sure to prioritize them.


Quote-based plans.

5. Exponea.

Exponea is a one-stop solution for all your data needs. Exponea is a program that can track customer-data insights and create personalized marketing campaigns.

A Single Customer View is a tool that collects data from offline and online sources to help you understand customer behavior. You can also get real-time, AI-powered analytics for predicting and escalating experiences.

features include:

  • Omni-Channel Orchestration – Omni-Channel Orchestration helps you interact with people. it will help you personalize the experience you give to people who visit your website. The program uses multiple data sets to learn about people and then change the way they are served.
  • Web-Optimization –Exponea provides you with a way to show people your website. It helps you make the website look better, and it also helps you test will make your website better. It will give you recommendations and help with the appearance of your website.
  • Analytics and Segmentation –Analytics and Segmentation are advanced. They provide reports, and you can create segments of people.
  • Product Recommendations – Expoenea uses advanced algorithms to make sure that if you want something, they will recommend it to you. They know what customers like by looking at historical and real-time data. This way, company goals are met.
  • Real-Time Customer Predictions – This company uses technology to predict what you will do, and they make it so you can see your future. The technology also helps segment customers into high-value or low-value customers.

Exponea comes with pre-designed templates to help you send emails and more. BigQuery will let analytics teams work with data in a secure environment.


If you don’t know the price for a product, contact their sales team. You can also request a free demo of the product.

6. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio.

Salesforce Interaction Studio is a data platform that helps you get information about your customers. It uses AI to make your customer interactions better by providing relevant and personalized interactions. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it can segment the data based on preferences each individual client has to deliver an even more seamless user-experience across channels at any point in their journey with your company.

The tool helps you personalize interactions based on how a customer has behaved in the past. Plus, it identifies individuals and accounts across all digital touchpoints so that your marketing strategy is more intelligent than ever before!

You can be sure that your customers are always satisfied with the latest products, thanks to real-time monitoring and AI powered recommendations. Besides this software integrates from external sources like JavaScript or API’s

Salesforce’s Interaction Studio helps users reach their target customers in a way that is relevant and engaging. The AI-driven optimization platform uses data points to deliver the most appropriate content, products and information for each individual customer – it even learns as you go!

features include:

  • You can help customers by telling them what to do next or what you have for sale.
  • Track what your customers do.
  • Make it easier for people to get help when they need it. For example, make sure that there are ATM machines where your customers can use them.
  • Data segmentation is a way to group people into different groups. It allows you to analyze their needs and what they want.
  • You should try to interact with your customers. You can do this on social media or when you pay people to put your ads in newspapers, TV, etc.

You can also use A/B testing to maximize conversion, clickthrough, and revenue. Other key features include integration with CRM platforms for automatic updates as well as an omnichannel experience that works across all devices.


custom pricing plans.

7. Optimove.

Optimove is a customer data platform that helps you plan and optimize your CRM Marketing plans. They process all the information about each individual, converting it into one central database to better understand what customers want from their experience with Optimove’s service or product.

It provides automated web-surfing, predictive customer analytics, AI-based optimization technologies and more to generate a unified database.

This data-analyzing software helps you to use your marketing and advertising campaigns more efficiently. The CDP platform not only organizes all of the information, but also analyzes it for insights that will help improve these strategies in order to get better results.

Optimove lets you orchestrate your marketing campaigns across multiple channels. You also get access to various statistics that allow you measure the ROI of each customer interaction.

Optimove’s most prominent features:

  • Get real-time data about your customers. It will show what they bring to the company.
  • It can help you to make a customer model that is based on what your business needs.
  • You can advertise on many websites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • The software finds patterns in different data. It tries to predict what people will do.
  • Optimove is an app that can connect to other apps like CRM, advertising and marketing tools.
  • This app lets you transfer CSV files securely.

The Optibot can tell you what is happening. It looks at customer and campaign data to find out how well a business is doing.

The Optimove AI bot can tell you what to do for your campaigns. It will tell you when to drop under-performing campaigns or to optimize segments of customers that are performing better than others. You might also be able to find out who your customers are.


Optimove offers custom pricing models. You can contact us for a demo or a quote.

What Features Do You Need in a Customer Data Platform?

Many companies use CDMs. They are used in many industries, like healthcare, ecommerce, automobiles, and software. The requirements of each company also vary.

No CDM is one-size-fits-all.

But there are some specific things you need in any customer data platform.

1. Omnichannel Strategy.

Resources and communication channels should work together to make the customer experience better, rather than working separately.

For example, Emarsys provides customer engagement by using an omnichannel strategy. This allows the channels to work together and make a better customer experience.

2. Personalized Marketing Experience.

Every customer is different. You need to focus on the right person. To do this, you need to advertise in the right place for the right customer. This will make people like your product more and buy it more.

3. Behavioral Triggers.

Choose a customer data platform that watches and tracks what people do on the website. It also tracks when people leave or go to other websites. The platform can also tell you how to interact with them through other communications like emails, texts, or phone calls.

Behavioral triggers can help you send content to customers. For example, if you are a store, can you use predictive analytics to see how long it takes for people to leave your store?

4.Third-Party Integrations.

Third-party integrations. Your customer data platform needs many third-party integrations to make marketing easier and more successful. Pick a customer data platform that has connections with Slack, Shopify, Adform, Zapier, Tealium. A customer data platform needs to be able to connect to other programs like Slack. This way, you can make it easier for your marketing.

5. Ease of Use.

A CDP that is not easy to use will not work well. It’s important for everyone on your team to be able to use it. If they can’t, then the CDP won’t make a difference in your company. So make sure the CDP is easy and intuitive when you design it.

You may want to consider features like automated segregation of high-value and low-value customers, reporting, lead nurturing, identity resolution.

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