Best 15 Gift for virtual assistants.

Best 15 Gift for virtual assistants.

gifts for virtual assistants

Gifts are something that everyone loves to receive and if you work from home, that includes you! If your a virtual assistant who works at home there are some essential items for the office. There is also other fun stuff like planners or books.

Virtual assistants are on the rise. If you’ve got one in your life, then they deserve a great gift! Here’s

Here is a list of some gifts for virtual assistants

A laptop. This will allow any virtual assistant to get work done from anywhere while also being able to access documents and files remotely. 

An external hard drive. With this nifty device, it’ll be easier for them to store backups as well as organize data more efficiently without cluttering up storage space with needless duplicate copies of the same digital file or folder.

A wireless mouse may not sound like such an exciting idea but if someone has been using their fingers instead – especially when doing hours at a time – getting rid of the carpal tunnel will make a world of difference.

A quality wireless mouse and keyboard are a godsend for many in the field.A wireless mouse and keyboard are a great way to make your virtual assistant feel that they can still enjoy some of the same luxuries while working remotely.

A headset with a mic is ideal for any virtual assistant who has to speak often while communicating over Skype or Google Hangouts, especially ones who need to record their calls while they’re on them – which can be invaluable when it comes to transcribing the information later on. 

A sturdy desk chair will make all the difference between getting work done and being uncomfortable throughout the day. Don’t skimp on this one! At least make sure that it is easy to move around with a caster system for when they need to go anywhere or do anything else in the room they’re working in. 

1.Business Card Templates

Business card templates are a great little gift idea to help expand the business. The receiver can add their own information onto the template and give them out for free at conferences or other events they attend. This is an inexpensive way of getting new clients without breaking the bank!

The possibilities when it comes to customizing these cards as well as printing them have never been easier, so get creative with your next advertising campaign by giving someone this personal present that will last forever in their office drawer shelf!

2.Magnetic White Board

The benefits of a whiteboard are to organize and reduce paper usage. A magnetic whiteboard will also make it easier for virtual assistants who want to use less ink on their notes and lists!

The whiteboard will help you keep things together and organized, as well as reduce paper usage.

3.Standing Desk

A standing desk is a great way to get up, stretch your legs and work at the same time. You can take on more tasks while getting in some workout with an electronic standing desk that you control from any device! It’s nice not having to sit all day because it makes people feel tired faster than walking around does.

Get a standing desk! Your back will thank you, and your virtual assistant will love being able to help with anything they need without getting up at all.


If you are a Mac fanatic then the sleek and lightweight MacBook is for sure your next best purchase! If you love sleek, minimalist looks and are an Apple fan then a Macbook is a must-have tool for any virtual assistant!

4.Laptop Bag

Bring your laptop with you everywhere without the worry about it getting damaged in the process. With these diverse and colorful selections, there’s a bag for everyone!

What’s your favorite color? If you can’t answer that question, then maybe it is time to buy a new laptop bag. You may be thinking “I don’t need one.” Well, think again! They are not just for laptops anymore but also cell phones and tablets too. So many colors to choose from – why pick the same thing as everyone else?! Grab yours today on Amazon!

5.Smart Watch

How can a smartwatch help me stay on top of my to-do list? It’s very simple. This sleek device is your personal assistant in the palm of your hands, and it will never let you miss out on an important call or email from one of those pesky bosses that demand instant response time. A recent study found that this nifty gadget also helps monitor health stats like heart rates and blood pressure levels which means more free hours for binge-watching Netflix shows during lunch break!

6.Noise Canceling Headphones

There is a lot to consider when buying noise-canceling headphones. The type of technology used, the frequency response range, and how comfortable they are will all impact your decision on which pair you buy.

There’s a lot for any audiophile or traveler to think about before purchasing new Noise Cancelling Headphones – let alone what specific model one might want! One thing people often overlook in their search is whether the headgear offers Active Noise Reduction that uses some form of the listening device (i.e., earbuds) or Passive Noise Isolation with soundproofing properties built into it. Understanding where and why these two types work best can help make this process much easier than starting from scratch each time out there looking for “the perfect

7.Smart Mug Warmer

The Smart Mug Warmer is the perfect solution for always having your morning coffee hot and ready. It takes just minutes to heat up, making it easy to enjoy a cup of Joe without any hassle in an instant! This product eliminates all those late mornings when you realize that there’s no time left before work or school starts. With this mug warmer, even if it’s only 3 AM on Saturday night and you need more java-fueled energy now than ever–you can still get what you want with minimal effort thanks to its sleek design which allows users to avoid spills from overheating mugs themselves by placing them securely inside the device itself while heating their beverage at home effortlessly

8.Gift Pen Set

If you are looking for the perfect gift, this pen set is exactly what you need. The pack includes 10 different colors of pens so that it will be whatever your recipient’s favorite color might be! These pens come in a reusable plastic case to protect them from getting lost and stored away somewhere they may never see again. So go ahead and give someone an unforgettable present with these awesome gifts today!

9.Smart Speaker

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any new technology come out that has as much potential for changing the way we live our lives and interact with one another. Imagine what it would be like to have an intelligent voice assistant who could hold conversations, answer questions virtually instantly, manage your schedule and every aspect of your life seamlessly – serving you instead of being served.

That is exactly why Amazon made their latest product announcement on Wednesday morning: introducing Alexa Voice Service (AVS) which will allow developers to build custom skills in addition to popular features such as streaming music or playing games right from Echo speakers!

10.Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are known for their versatility. They can be used in so many different ways–to organize, bookmark a page, make lists and reminders on your computer screen or desktop, to leave messages both personal and professional.

Sticky Notes come with blank sheets of paper that you write on the adhesive side which makes them more versatile than ever before because they allow users to create information as needed without having any prep time required beforehand. Users have found thousands of innovative uses for these little pieces of paper!

11.Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptops are great because they’re so portable. But there’s one major problem: their screens get hot! And that can cause some serious damage to the hardware inside your laptop, including slowing down processor speeds and causing system crashes. The best solution? A cooling pad of course! These handy gadgets come with a fan that blows cool air on your computer when it gets too warm (or you need an extra boost for gaming or working intensively).

Your Laptop Needs Cooling Pad Protection

12.Desk Chair

I am sitting on a desk chair that is giving me an overall good experience. The seat cushion and backrest are comfortable, but not too soft or hard to the point where I have no support whatsoever- which can lead to slouching in my posture as well as aches all over from being slumped for so long without any relief. I also like how this particular style of furniture has both armrests AND lumbar supports; when you’re working at your computer it’s easy enough to just rest one hand on each side with little effort required!

13.Dry Erase Markers

A dry-erase marker is one of the most useful office supplies on earth. It’s like a pen, but better because it easily erasable and leaves no ink residue behind! Dry-erase markers are used for writing messages or information that need to be changed from time to time in places such as school boards, restaurant menus, whiteboards, etc.

They’re great for brainstorming ideas with your team because they work so well next to each other without smudging into an unreadable mess! And even if you do make mistakes with these pens there’s always some Post-It Notes around somewhere (included!) just waiting for them too – all you have left is popping up another message right over the top of what was written before and voila no one will ever notice the error! The best part is, you don’t even need paper to make anything happen with these things – just place the marker on your arm (if it’s not too hairy) and draw away