7 Best Knowledge Base Software

Your business may be generating a lot of content that is being stored in different places. This makes it difficult for customers to find the information they need when they need it. With knowledge base software, you can centralize all your information into one place and make sure that everyone who needs help gets the best response possible. What’s more, by storing your content online instead of on paper, you’ll save time and money in printing costs! Read this post to learn more about how knowledge base software can improve customer service at your company.

Do you want to know which knowledge base software is the best for your business? We will help guide you through this daunting task.

Do you need a new piece of technology in order to keep up with competitors and grow your company’s success rate? This might be something that needs some careful consideration, but luckily we’re here to give our input on what would work well!

The most important consideration for the best knowledge base system software is its ease of use. The search and help desk capabilities, features, pricing, support are all factors that come into play when selecting a product to buy as well but they can be easily overlooked if you don’t prioritize them first because there’s no point in having an inefficient tool that doesn’t do what it should or has high-priced customer service.

Who can use knowledge base software?

Building a good customer service experience is important for any business. This includes having reliable agents to help resolve complex problems and questions, which can be accomplished with an organized Knowledge Base system. For small enterprises looking to minimize overhead costs and provide excellent customer service, it’s best to focus on building your product or the services you offer better than anything else–without this area of concentration, many businesses will accumulate too much work at once that may not get resolved in time because they’re understaffed.

The Knowledge Base is an extensive independent knowledge-base portal with sections for quick reference. For example, Enterprises usually target the customer across the countries and languages and need to have answers ready for a wide variety of issues across vast set of goods. The enterprise can also tailor its entire company’s website entirely to suit their own brand so that customers are not left confused throughout the whole customer support cycle.

How does knowledge management software work?

Knowledge management software allows you to organize institutional knowledge and set it in an easy-referenced database. Advanced systems automation and machine learning are further incorporated into the system, allowing for relevant articles from databases according to customer inquiries automatically.

Knowledge software is most commonly configurable as your database. Private, public or something in between? Only the loggedin users should have access to a private database; it can be accessed by searching engines on a public one and information will only be accessible for others who are also signed into an account.

What is the Best Knowledge Base Software?

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a helpdesk that puts customers on the path to solving their own problems. It’s so easy and simple, DIY-ers won’t need anything but an umbrella if they get lost. Find your question? Let us know! From recording tutorials to managing knowledge access and permissions, the software helps you document anything that is frequently asked.

The free text editor is a bonus to this website, as it allows users to format their content in any way they choose and embed images. This makes the site’s tutorials even more engaging so that people can follow along better.

Key Features:

Versions and Translations –You can translate your content into multiple languages and deliver it to customers all over the world. Multiple versions of a website in different countries, or even multi-lingual editions are now possible with Content Management Systems (CMS)..

Unlimited Storage Space – It provides the perfect place to store your tutorials, guides and any other information you want. With unlimited space there is no limit on how much content you can create.

SEO Capabilities- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful way to improve your site’s visibility on search engines. This article will teach you the basics of SEO and how it can help boost traffic from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

One-Click Actions –One-click actions make it quick and easy to organize your information. This is a great time saver because you can quickly get from one point on the app to another without having to click through several screens or spend too much time looking for something in particular. You also have access to categories, articles, folders all with just one button that will take care of everything at once!

Advantages of Freshdesk:


Tired of waiting in line at the ticket counter? Download Tickets Unlimited and never queue up again. With features like email, social media marketing tickets, a 21-day free trial period plus many more options for customization to suit your needs best – it’s easy to see why they’re one of our top picks!

2. HubSpot Knowledge Base.

HubSpot’s knowledge base is an indispensable resource for getting answers to your questions about HubSpot. The hub of all things related to our software, it offers tutorials and videos as well as solutions that can be accessed quickly or searched through in detail using the search bar at the top-right corner.

The HubSpot Knowledge Base offers a centralized, automated repository for your company’s knowledge. The tool analyzes ticket information and customer frequently asked questions to provide content that is fresh every time someone looks it up.

HubSpot is a software that makes it easier for people to connect with businesses online. Hubspot provides answers to common customer queries, and can also reduce the need for contact from customers through their support team by providing content they could browse themselves on your site.

Your knowledge base articles and documents will be indexed in search engines, making it easier for people to find the information they need. You can customize the look and feel of these articles by adding images or even videos!

Additionally, it syncs with email and live chat software to make your knowledge base accessible from anywhere.

Key Features:

Pros of HubSpot Knowledge Base:


HubSpot Knowledge Base is a great tool for businesses to increase knowledge retention and productivity, so it’s only available with the Professional or Enterprise editions.

You’ll want to get the plans that come with advanced features like 1:1 video creation and hosting, customer experience survey software, and more.

3. LiveAgent.

LiveAgent is a help desk software that enables you to create an engaging knowledge base. It includes features like forums and feedback boards, which can be used for customer queries while simultaneously preventing them from being contacted in person.

The setup process is as easy as it gets. Set up takes only four steps that include creation, configuration, customization and filling the template with content to get your message out there loud and clear!

You know that awkward feeling when you can’t find the perfect gift? Well, not anymore. With a single account and unlimited knowledge-bases, every person in your life will be able to get exactly what they want. You’ll also be surprised by how easy it is to customize each one with their own design, content and layout for maximum personalization!

The software also integrates with many of the most popular communication channels like Gmail, Viber, contact forms and Slack. It even allows for Twitter and Facebook integration through a handy RSS feed!

Key Features:

Pros of LiveAgent:


LiveAgent has two different plans for its knowledge base.

The first one costs $15 per month

TICKET + CHAT $29 per month.

Both of the plans are for people who have small businesses, individuals, and for professional marketers. They come with a 14 day free trial. You do not need to put in your credit card information.

4. ZenDesk.

Zendesk is a knowledge base solution that lets you use the power of your institutional knowledge to help provide customer service and ticketing. You can even integrate it with support tickets!

Can you imagine a world where all of your knowledge base content is up-to-date and accessible to every single person in the company? With this new template, it’s easy! This preformatted article comes with visual elements like icons and tables so that everyone can have an understanding. Plus, its design allows for readers from different levels to consume information at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed or confused by complicated terminology.

ZenDesk is the perfect solution for companies looking to streamline customer service. With in-context self-service, consumers can get help with a product or website anywhere they are and without having to wait on hold.

Article Station is a powerful tool that helps you keep up with the latest news and articles by allowing your team to draft, edit, flag important or older ones which need improvement. You also get an ability to embed self-help article in other places like blogs or product pages so customers always know what’s new on these topics they care about.

Key Features:

Pros of Zendesk:


The Suite Professional plan is for people who need to collaborate with other people, have their voice heard, and do analytic work.

5. ProProfs.

Proprofs is a program that helps you make online knowledge bases and other materials. You can also create video instructions with Proprofs so the learning process becomes much more interactive for your students!

One of the best features is it’s ability to help teams collaborate. It can be used as a management tool for projects, and also keeps track of tasks on behalf of team members so they don’t have to juggle between different things at once.

ProProfs has a wide range of integrations that help you put together the perfect support system for your business. You can integrate with live chat software, analytics tools, and even just use their platform as an effective way to manage customer feedback via email or phone call records.

With a variety of integrations, you can reduce customer tickets and maintain team collaboration. Partnering with other tools is easy when your CRM has an open API that allows for seamless integration. Popular services include Google Analytics, Wufoo, Freshdesk Salesforce ProProfs Help Desk ,and Live Chat

Create a knowledge base using ProProfs. It takes five steps:

You can make a private base for your employees or a public knowledge base that everyone can see. The private bases are better if you want to keep things secret. It includes information centralization, unlimited editing, content authorization, compatibility with all devices and more!

Key Features:

Pros of ProProfs:


Proprofs has three plans:

-Check out the paid plans for a free trial of 15 days. The Premium plan, with its advanced features and unlimited bases is sure to be your favorite!

6. Helpjuice.

Helpjuice is a knowledge base builder that helps you organize and build your corporate Wiki in one centralized hub. It lets you collect, organize, access, and communicate information to all of the employees at once or just for specific audiences like customers as well.

The Helpjuice wiki platform allows companies to create repositories where they can share resources with their staff without having an overwhelming number of documents floating around on different computers which are difficult to find when needed most again.

You don’t need any technical skills to use this powerful website builder because it provides dozens of custom-made themes and editing tools that allow you to customize your content. Other features include unlimited content formatting, easy article authoring, optimization for SEO (search engine optimize), and more!

Helpjuice is the perfect tool for any large or small business. You can create a knowledge base of internal information on your team, as well as allowing people to use it externally and answer customer questions with our external public Knowledge Base.

Key Features:

Pros of Helpjuice:


Helpjuice four pricing plans:

All of our plans come with a 14-day free trial, and we offer expert customization support. You can call us anytime if you need help.

7. Guru.

Guru is an all-inclusive company encyclopedia that allows workers to upload and share information from any device, in real time. In addition, it also provides a history of updates which can be accessed at any moment for future reference! It acts as a company wiki, storing all necessary information with just one click.

Guru gives you the ability to create a network of your company’s intelligence with just one click. Guru captures all of the relevant information from Google Docs, Slack threads, and even your own app for easy access later on.

The machine-learning and AI-based system are good because they will suggest information for you. They also improve their functions based on what you do. This tool also has features to make sure that team members are able to use the correct information. These features are called Verification Workflow and Browser Extension.

Key Features:

Pros of Guru:


All of the plans have a free trial for 30 days. They are different in what they do. Some features include: browser extension, Slack app integration, verification, and more.

What is Knowledge Base Software?

Knowledge base software is a tool that organizations use to help people understand their questions. It can show documents, tutorials, and other information. A knowledge base is a system with answers to questions. It’s like a library, but it has all the answers. You need to tell it the information you know by answering questions, writing documentation and more.

The users can search for answers. You can restrict their access to company staff, a group of customers, or the general audience.

the benefits of a knowledge base tool:

  1. It stores important information in a place that employees and customers can reach. This information is stored together for everyone to see.
  2. Self-service means that you do not need to contact the sales rep. It takes less time than contacting them.
  3. Updating your company’s information is a good way to look professional. It also helps keep the system updated.
  4. Automated employee and customer onboarding is a way to get people on the job. It can help make sure that things are done right.
  5. provide the consistent services every time, and people are happy.
  6. The customers can tell you what they think about your product.
  7. You can make a knowledge base in many languages.

Features Do You Need in Knowledge Base Software?

1. Internal Search Engine.

Your customers want answers fast. Your knowledge base should have a search engine that lets people find information they need after entering their keywords.

It is equally easy to give good results even if the person is entering one or two words with wrong spelling.

2. User-friendly Dashboard.

Selecting a tool that is easy to use for both your users and yourself can help you create engaging content. A simple dashboard will enable you to edit hundreds of articles or guidebooks easily which in turn helps with user experience.

3. Feedback and Analytics.

You have to constantly keep up with customer feedback and analytics if you want the best service possible. Pick software that allows for seeking out valuable information, like which articles are performing well enough or what your customers don’t really like about a product. This will help ensure that all of your content is relevant at any given time so people can trust in it even more!

The tool should also be able to identify things like the number of views per document or article and search results. Additionally, it should provide integration with Google Analytics and other data visualization tools for more detailed reporting.

4. Manageable Categories.

Everyone should be able to access their data easily. A knowledge base platform must offer tools for organizing the information and making it easy to navigate in order for this goal to be achieved. They can divide the info into categories, folders, or an index that makes it easier than ever before!

Organizing will help you update your articles more often.

5.Backup System.

If you want to make sure that your data does not get lost, you need a backup system. You can use this if you ever need the old articles for future purposes.

A backup system is important. Choose a knowledge base that comes with a backup option so you don’t lose your data. This will also help you find old articles if needed and keep up with the current information for any future purposes.

6. SEO Capabilities.

Your knowledge base should be able to create easy-to-find documents. You want your knowledge base to be good for people who are looking for information on the internet. One way is by making it easy to find through a search engine. To do this, you need to make sure that you use titles and tags that will make it easier for people using a search engine like Google or Bing.

You want to make sure that you have high ranking in Google and other search engines. Other things you can do are making the page titles, meta tags, and descriptions more appealing for people looking for what you have.

we suggest using these platform if you want to build knowledge bases and tutorials for a better user experience:

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