7 Best Gmail Add-Ons, Extensions, & Apps

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Gmail is the most popular Google product. 1.5 billion people use it every day to manage their tasks. But Gmail cannot do all the things you need it to. It is not a full-blown marketing platform for email. It needs to be augmented. One way to do that is by installing Gmail add-ons, extensions, and apps.

As you plan your digital marketing campaign or just use email every day for personal use, here are the seven Gmail add ons, extensions, and apps that will help you get more out of your email service:

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To find the best add-ons and extensions you can use for Gmail, here is a list of what I found. There are also answers to some questions that you might have about these tools.

What Are the Best Gmail Add-Ons and Extensions?

1. RightInbox

You’re a Gmail user, but you want to take your email game to the next level?

RightInbox is a good tool if you use Gmail. It helps to be more productive. It works with your Gmail and 250,000 other people use it all over the world. RightInbox is an add-on for Gmail that integrates seamlessly with Gmail and is used by over 250,000 professionals all around the world. It has a slew of productivity-focused features such as task setting and reminders.

You can add new things to your email account. You can make emails that remind you of things, and set up when they should be sent. I like how it lets me put different signatures at the end of my emails.

Create automatic follow-up emails and schedule them to be sent later. I particularly like the option to create a variety of signatures that add at the end of my emails. Open and track emails with just one click! Set up recurring emails to be sent out automatically or have private notes on hand for any occasion.

Lightbox is a good way to get things organized. It has features that are easy to use, and it can make the work of any organization or individual easier.


Open and track emails with one click. You can have emails sent out automatically, so you don’t need to keep sending them. And you can put private notes in that only you can see.

features that this extension provides:

  • set reminders and schedule emails
  • making private notes
  • customize your signatures
  • Automatic follow-up email sequencing
  • customized email templates
  • Embeddable GIFs
  • CRM tools integration
  • easy previews for shared links
  • simple email tracking and merging


RightInbox has different plans. The first plan is free and it’s for people with a limited number of emails to send. If you want to send more emails, then you can get paid plans.

  • Yearly Plan for professionals at $5.95/month
  • Monthly Plan for professionals at $7.95/month
  • Yearly Plan for teams at $4.95/user/month
  • Monthly Plan for teams at $6.95/month

Get started today! Download RightInbox now from our website or Google Play Store! 

2. Trello for Gmail

If you are a project manager and you feel like creating Trello cards cuts into your productivity, then I have the solution for you. It’s an extension that lets you create Trello cards from emails with one click. Trello is a good software for people who are beginners. It has many free features and uses a board that is easy to understand.

Just open the email you want to change into a card, click on the extension icon, pick the Trello board, and list where you want the card to go. The email’s subject automatically becomes the card title, and the body becomes the description.

If you want to edit your card before sending it, you can do that. You can install the extension by opening up Gmail and clicking on a link. If you haven’t updated Gmail yet, then you will have to go to the G-suite marketplace and download it first.


The Trello for Gmail add-on is very simple. When you click on it, you can turn any email into a card and also put lists and due dates.

features of the Trello for Gmail Extension:

  • Automated conversion of emails to to-do lists
  • Ability to highlight and organize emails
  • Easy prioritization of tasks
  • Simple sharing with teams


The Trello extension is free to use, but you need to have an active account on Trello. It works even if you are using a free account.

Trello’s pricing plans:

  • Free Plan for $0/month
  • Business Class Plan for $10/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan at custom pricing

3. Dropbox for Gmail

It is a waste of time and bandwidth to download files from the cloud, then upload them again as email attachments. The Dropbox for Gmail add-on helps you avoid wasting time this way.

You can use this extension on your computer to get files from the cloud. You can attach files as well as folders–all with just a few clicks.

You can connect your Gmail to Dropbox in two ways. You can use the Dropbox Chrome extension for Gmail or the Dropbox Gmail add-on. They are different because one is only on Chrome and the other works on any platform, even Android.


Dropbox for Gmail is good because it helps you stay organized. People can send things to Dropbox and not your Gmail account. This means that you have more space in your Google Drive.

features of Dropbox for Gmail 

  • collaboration
  • simple and easy file sharing
  • Automatic folder synchronization
  • available across all platforms
  • File previews


There is a program called Dropbox for Gmail. It is free to download and use. But you need an active account on Dropbox to use it. The extension for the program is also available with the free subscription to Dropbox.

Dropbox pricing plan structure:

  • Plus Plan at $9.99/month
  • Family Plan at $16.99/month
  • Professional Plan at $16.58/month
  • Standard Plan at $12.50/user/month
  • Advanced Plan at $20/user/month

4. Zoom for Gmail

Zoom for Gmail helps you do a video conference call by adding it to your email. It can help answer emails that might take a long time to answer in an email.

With one click, you can schedule meetings and connect with people. You can find the right add-on for your email. invite others in your email thread, and do more. Gmail has an extension called Zoom which lets people know when you’re inviting them to a meeting.

Zoom makes it easy to set up a meeting. Zoom has the date and ID number of the meeting. Zoom also gets contact information from Gmail. If you want to schedule the meeting, you do not need to open Zoom, but can just use it on your computer without opening it.


Gmail add-ons are great. They allow you to take a Zoom call/conference in your Gmail account. You can also do it with other people who have the same thing on their computer, like Linux or Windows or Android.

features of Zoom for Gmail

  • the app will automatically save your Gmail contacts.
  • It shows all the meetings that are coming up and have already happened.
  • You can have a video meeting in Gmail. It is like Skype for work, but you do it in your email.
  • AES-256 encryption for secure meetings
  • Automation-based email invitations


Zoom for Gmail is a free download. You need to have an account with Zoom before you can use it, but even people on the free plan can have up to 100 participants.

Zoom’s paid plans as listed below:

  • Pro Plan at $14.99/month
  • Business Plan at $19.99/month
  • United Business Plan at $30.00/license/month

5. Gmelius

Gmelius is a Gmail extension that will let you work faster. This is because it can do things like collaboratively working and automating tasks. Gmelius has many features. It can track emails you send, has a shared inbox for you and your friends, and can customize emails with templates.

You can use it to see if people open your emails, or to share inboxes with other people. It also has customization options for your email templates.

It is an add-on that syncs data from your Gmail account. It does this with the help of project management features and collaboration tools. This means that you can sync data right from your inbox.


Gmelius is a great way to keep up with email. You can send emails at different times if you want. It also works with other tools, like Asana and Trello. This is a good outreach tool or for toned-down marketing automation that connects to Gmail.

The following is a list of the significant features that Gmelius offers:

  • Shared inbox and labels
  • Kanban boards for visual organization
  • Customized email sequences, templates, and campaigns
  • Read-receipts in your shared inbox
  • easy automated email scheduling
  • Blockchain-based encryption
  • efficient Gmail analytics
  • Workflow automation
  • has Email notes feature
  • get Collision detection, ticketing, and tagging
  • compatible with iOS and Android


Gmelius pricing plans are staggered. Free is the first plan. It can be used for up to three users. There are other plans too, but they are paid and have more users in them.

1. Plus Plan at $9/user/month

2. Growth Plan at $19/user/month

3. Enterprise Plan at custom pricing

6. Todoist for Gmail

Todoist is an app that has taken the world by storm, with its simple-to-use interface and features. It doesn’t matter what your profession or lifestyle may be Todoist can take care of it all! The best part? You don’t need a separate email account for everything any more thanks to this new extension from Gmail called “Todoist”.we personally use todoist app

An app you’ve probably heard about before (if not on Facebook then in passing) is now available for every single one of us who uses their Google Chrome browser through our inboxes–and I’m excited! A little while ago they updated their popular task management site so we could manage tasks more efficiently through our Gmail accounts without having to have two different emails which were very

Todoist is a program that helps you manage your to-do lists. It shows you all of the tasks on your to-do lists. It is in this pop-up window that is next to your email drafts, so it’s easy for you. Todoist makes it easy to do tasks. You can get all your lists in one place and see them on a pop-up screen by your email drafts.

It allows you to send emails. You can make email easier by adding priorities and due dates.


Todoist is one of the best to-do apps and has over 25 million people who use it. It is available for computers and on phones. And you can also use it on Gmail if you have Google Chrome.

essential features

  • Adding emails as tasks
  • reminders for follow-ups
  • prioritize your email
  • complete task directly from Gmail inbox
  • has Task-based collaboration
  • track your daily progress
  • Easily integration with apps such as Slack, Dropbox, and Zapier


You can download the free Todoist for Chrome extension and use it. It lets you work on 80 projects, with up to five people in each project.

paid plans

  • Premium plan at $3/month
  • The business plan at $5/user/month

7. DocuSign

DocuSign is your one-stop-shop for all things digital. With this add-on, you can sign and send emails with just a few clicks of the mouse button – no need to print or fax anymore! DocuSign’s sleek interface makes it easy to get more done in less time so that life doesn’t stand still while you wait on red tape.

DocuSign lets you convert Gmail into a potent tool for digital signing. The sleek and user-friendly interface takes the hassle out of clicking, meaning that with just one click on DocuSign’s plugin in your email client, you can digitally sign any document or file from anywhere!

You can use the extension when you hover over an email attachment and sign the documents. This makes it easy for you to sign and edit documents in a short time. DocuSign is a tool that lets you sign documents from your inbox. You can turn on the encryption in DocuSign and it will keep your data safe.


DocuSign allows you to add your signature to documents. You can use many different templates to make your signature different. DocuSign lets you make a signature on your computer. You can choose the template and change it. This is good for people that want to write their name in different ways.

essential features of DocuSign:

  • high-level security and privacy features for Enterprises
  • Efficient and integrated workflows
  • get Unlimited document signatures
  • get Up to 3 documents for external signatures
  • quick notifications
  • 40 languages


To use DocuSign with Gmail, you need to download the extension. You need an account with DocuSign for this extension to work. There are 4 plan options, which are explained below.

1. Personal Plan at $10/month

2. Standard Plan at $25/user/month

3. Business Pro Plan at $40/user/month

4. Advanced Solutions at Custom Pricing

What Are Gmail Extensions?

A Gmail extension is a lightweight tool that can be used to add features to the Gmail inbox. These extensions usually add functions that make it easier for you to work with Gmail.

Gmail extensions help you do things. They are a way to make Gmail better and more like other tools people use. They also let people do more things in Gmail than before.

Where Can You Get Gmail Extensions and Add-Ons?

You can find some Gmail add-ons in the Chrome Web Store. You can also get others from company websites. These are Sortd, Mailtrack, Giphy, Checker Plus, and Clearbit Connect.


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