10 Apps that Pay to walk: Get Paid to Walk

10 Apps that Pay to walk: Get Paid to Walk

“can you believe it?” I said. “after months of playing with our brains, we’re still broke.”

“Yeah,” my friend replied, scratching his head. “it’s hard to find a job in this economy.”

I started walking back home when suddenly someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into the dark alleyway beside us. A man stood before me and just smiled as he stared at me for what seemed like minutes without any words exchanged. Suddenly he started speaking: “I have just the thing for you guys!”

he was talking about the paying apps that pay to walk.

“What’s pay to walk?” I asked, feeling a bit foolish for not knowing such an important app that could help us out of this financial crisis. “It pays you just for walking,” he said with a smug grin on his face and then laughed at me like it was the funniest thing he had heard in

It’s a beautiful day outside, but you’re not feeling like going for a walk. Always pay attention to your body and listen to what it needs! If you can’t get yourself motivated, we have some great apps that pay you for walking. There are many different pay-to-walk apps out there that will reward you with cash or prizes just for taking a stroll.

If you’re looking for an app that pays you to walk, look no further. There are several apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play store that will pay you for certain steps taken while using their applications.

I recommend you download one of the following apps:

Apps that Pay to walk

Here are five best Apps that Pay to walk

1. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin’s revolutionary fitness app – let your sweat turn into cryptocurrency.

– Sweatcoin is now the go-to app for a healthier lifestyle in many countries, and with good reason – it pays you just for walking or running outside on your daily commute 

– Works as a pedometer that tracks your steps within the app, unlocking rewards like sweatcoins (SWC) and coins that can be redeemed to get various products from their marketplace

– Spend your hard-earned sweatcoins on everything from pay off credit card debt, to new shoes or even a gym membership

You can also use Sweatcoin as an incentive for fitness and weight loss. If you’ve been trying in vain to lose that last few pounds this app will pay you just for walking – so what are you waiting

2. Rover

You might not be able to train a dog, but you can certainly make money walking them. Rover is the perfect side hustle app for people who are just looking for an opportunity to walk someone else’s animal for $20 per hour. But there’s more! If you’re looking for more ways to supplement your income when it comes time to pack up and go traveling with Rover, we offer so much more than boarding animals in our home. Training courses await (for pennies on the dollar) as well as earning referral bonuses of up to $1,000 per month through participating in our authorized pet sitting program.

***You’ll never regret your decision to join when you use this side hustle app that pays good wages!

– Rover app review (more information on the features of this amazing side hustle)

3. Achievement

Achievement is a health fitness app that pays you for participating in activities like walking, biking, meditating, and more. You redeem your points for gift cards or cash via PayPal when you have earned 10,000 points ($10). Users also earn when they refer friends (100 points per referral and on up to 20 referrals) and participate in health studies ($100-$200 per study). With Achievement, you shoot for healthy, fit lifestyle goals…and always get rewarded.


StepBet is more like a game than anything you’ve experienced before! Put the onus on yourself to be more active and earn cash prizes. After joining, connect your fitness tracker and then join one of our games and place bets-typically $40. Most of the games last six weeks, but the smaller stakes are perfect for new users looking to test out a product before committing too much.

If you hit all your weekly goals throughout that time, there’s another chance to win by splitting up the pot with other winners.

Awarding over 62 million dollars as of this writing, StepBet has proven it’s worth every bit of energy you put into it! Join for free now at https://www2.stepbetapp.com/

5. Lympo

Lympo is a fitness app that gives you rewards for physical activity. Work out, stay fit and earn LYM tokens! As of this writing, Lympo users have earned $401,635.62 in rewards to spend on gift cards, technology gadgets, or fitness gear. Download the Lympo app today to start earning cool stuff with your sweat. There’s no rule against getting paid to exercise when it tastes like chips and salsa!

6. Runtopia

Runtopia is on a mission to change the way people think about working out. As you get adjusted to this comprehensive app, it will be easy to see what sets Runtopia apart from every other gym membership or treadmill.

They’ve built-in new training programs like fitness workouts, weight loss, and more, so you can have someone coaching you through your exercises, but knowing all these new benefits comes at a cost: their monthly subscription fee that’s $39 per month! You don’t need the premium membership for everything though-most of the high-quality features are free such as audio coaches playing during your run with music accompaniment or rewards like FitBit points for walking 10K steps or cycling 1 mile.


Optimity is your chance to earn points just for walking. Every step you walk, you earn some reward points! That’s right, every single step counts, and before you know it, Points are piling up in your account. With so many goodies from big brands like Ralph Lauren or J-Crew Privee available at Optimity More Rewards Page – what’s not to love? The best part? You’re already walking all day long – why not get rewarded for that hard work too?

The energy crunch is coming, and you’re going to want to be prepared. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town with few services or in a major metropolis, the lights will go out at some point. Or in the case of this morning’s power outage*, your workplace was running on generator power for over an hour until it gave up entirely. Power outages come without warning or timeline – and they can happen any time of day during the frigid winter months.

– Optimity More Rewards Page: Earn points for walking and redeem them at the pay to walk page. – You can also earn pay to walk on your mobile device with apps like Moto Body, which are working with Google Fit so you never have an excuse not to go out!


FitPotato is an easy way to stay active. Its never too early to stay on top of things and with FitPotato, you will be rewarded for your efforts! Each week there’s a cash prize pool up for grabs (usually it’s $1,000).

In order to get a shot at winning that money, all you have to do is bet on yourself by playing 1 round per day and finish the daily wager – as long as you’re in the top 80% of players who play that day, then you’ll receive 10 points per game. Add 10 points together over 4 games each week and voila: The highest possible number of points accumulated proportionally across all four weeks would equate to 2044 points while someone with 0

points would only have 80 points.

The top 40% of the leaderboard will receive payouts ranging from $100 to $500, but if you’re in that top 20%, then it’s time to celebrate! That means a payout between $500 and $2000 for your hard work each week.

So how do we know FitPotato is legit? Well, they make money by getting paid by advertisers (for example Gatorade) who want more people active on their platform – so everyone wins with this app!

9. Fit For Bucks

Fit For Bucks is an app that makes it easy to earn prizes when you’re on the go. You can redeem points for free gifts, including: 

– A massage from a professional spa (30k steps) 

– A gift card to your favorite coffee shop with the purchase of a drink (35k steps) 

– Some healthy snacks or supplements from Vitamin Shoppe stores such as 24 Hour Muscle and Protein Bars and organic multivitamin gummies (+25% off any items).

Steps are worth $1.00 apiece so walkers will get their Fit For Bucks’ wroth with just 20K steps a day — plus there’s no limit on how many rewards you can collect at once! Get Fit For Bucks now

L.A. locals get a big discount on the app, which is perfect for those of us heading out to the beach this summer. Here’s how it works:

Download Fit For Bucks, sign up, then link your YouTube account to get started (FBT content can be viewed anywhere). Start by choosing from one of our maps and we’ll show you where there are merchants nearby who have rewards available for purchase. Finally, click “Start Walk” when you’re ready! You’re given 3 minutes’ worth of time with each merchant so make sure to use that time wisely – don’t forget that some merchants require more steps than others in order to redeem their reward (500 vs 30k)!

10.Yodo app

The Yodo app is designed to get people in the habit of getting active. As long as you complete your daily activity goals, you get to earn daily cash rewards. The best thing about this app is that it does not require any subscription fees or complicated forms! The yodeling monkey has got nothing but a simple way to make some extra money- all with just some easy steps that can be done anywhere and anytime.


***Conclusion paragraph: I hope you found this list of the best apps that pay you to walk helpful! This is a really easy way to make money doing something you already do. All it takes is installing an app and then being active on your phone for some amount of time each day. You can even create goals within the app so that there’s always something new to work toward, like earning more rewards or getting faster bonuses. If walking isn’t your thing but you still want in-app incentives, try downloading one of these other awesome productivity apps instead – they’ll help keep up with any fitness goal while also giving back!